Moved a long time ago...

Just to let you know in case you didn't know already: I've moved my blog location. New address is http://bedagainstthewall.blogspot.com.


What Do You Do When It's Rainy?

Playing games of course! I've finished Quake 4 recently (which was done really fast, since I used cheats).

Before going insane and 'you ***ing loser'-like, please let me explain why I used cheats.

The game is boring... there, I've said it. Of course it's a nice game if you want to blast a few grunts real quick, but still I think that Quake 1 was much more entertaining (by the way: in Quake 1 all the doors could open, in Q4 most of them are "locked").

Of course the graphics are all bumpy and crispy and whatnot, fighting against 2 enemies at once which will vanish after two seconds was never so much fun. Not.

And thus I've spent the last two days on completing Call Of Duty 2, which was much more entertaining! The absence of a physics engine (and a health bar) is a good thing. I only have one remark though:
Direct X9: 1024 x 768 everything on high and running quite smooth (except D-Day was a bit jumpy).
Direct X7: 1600 x 1200 (!), also everything on high and running ultrasmooth, you don't see shadows on clothes and such, but I think DX7 still looks good enough, so I'm playing Singleplayer with 9, and multi with 7.

You know, graphics aren't everything, if you must choose between CoD 2, F.E.A.R. or Q4, take CoD 2, and if you haven't played the first one plus expansion, pick them up too, both are as chaotic and compelling as the second one. The first ones also have more stealthier missions and more indoor environments (which I don't like so much, so I prefer CoD 2).

One negative remark though: still no German/Japanese/Italian campaign, why not? It would give some interesting new stories and settings... Oh well, maybe for the expansion pack.

I've also been playing Civ 4 a little... I am still too dumb to fully understand it, but I quite like it.


P.S.: again a game rant, I have to start talking about something else. Next time.


Autumn's Start

Woohoow! Autumn is in town, I really like this season (well, actually I like all seasons). I've given my blog a new theme (which I found somewhere on the internet, credits to the maker because I suck at making themes myself) to accompany this nice time of the year.

Going really fast to the holidays now (I like Christmas even more). Can't wait...

More updates later.



Tempus Fugit

And I just can't find the time to make a post...

I've been busy with various things, starting university for example, which has been quite fun so far.

I've also been playing various games (what did you expect), Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in the US), and Total Overdose.

I haven't found the time to play Dragonshard yet.

Fahrenheit is a wonderful cool game with the best action sequences I've seen in an adventure game! I don't play adventure games that much (especially not the recent ones, I've played Broken Sword 1 and 2 though), but Fahrenheit was really fun. A bit disappointed that it was so short and so rushed at the end, hopefully the possible sequel will improve on that part.

Total Overdose is a complete no-brainer action game, a mix of GTA and Max Payne. It takes the style of GTA and the slowmo and bullettime of Payne, multiply that with a lot of explosion and you've got Total Overdose.

It's fun for a while, now if only GTA had these kind of moves and explosions, it would be super!

Oh well, I forgot all the rest I wanted to tell, so that'll have to wait for later...

P.S.: having problems viewing the special characters, like the Mu (µ), refreshing this page should do the trick, it's a blogspot problem probably.



First Point

We're back on track, well, sort of.

I've been revisiting some of my projects and have (finally) a new structure.

This blog, µacuyiko's Mindcube. An English blog about my life, thoughts, code, etc... Why "Mindcube"? A Mindcube is a cube in which you put your thoughts.

Mindpoint would have not enough dimensions, Mindline would be too linear, Mindsquare is already too often used. Mindcube is already used as well, so it's not my trademark.

Maybe I change it later to Mindhypercube or Mindwhatacubewouldbeiftherewerereallyelevendimensions.

I already have another blog, a Dutch one. It's not live yet and I will not post a link when it is.

I had plans for an online magazine, also Dutch, but that'll have to wait a bit.

All these (and other side-) projects are supervised by the Muzeron brand.
This blog is available at www.macuyiko.tk, the Muzeron main page at www.muzeron.tk.

This was a boring post. More interesting stuff coming later...



Long Time, No See

First of all I want to apologize for not updating you for over a month. But I've been thinking about some things lately (both personal- as project-based), and this blog (and other Muzeron projects) will be reincarnated soon.

So stay tuned...



MSN Versus Google, The War Is On

MSN Virtual Earth has gone live today.

It seems that this is basically a complete ripoff of Google Maps... Sigh. Oh well, what'd you expect? So, Google Maps or MSN VE, what'll it be?

Google has my support on this one, it's a company with a good policy which I can trust (although they did close my Adsense account for no reasons I could understand, I mean: can I help it that the same person keeps floodclicking my ads?).

Speaking of Google Earth, why not try Google Moon, or the Hybrid interface of Google Maps, which is rumored to use transparent .pngs, but since when can Internet Explorer render transparent png images?